Friday, June 19, 2009

Jewel's Dannon/Conagra Catalina Deal

Another Jewel Catalina deal for you to have fun with! The paper says buy $20, get $10; but it actually is buy $25 (before preferred card) and get $10. So use the Catalina from the last deal and you'll be on your way to some great deals. My scenarios below show your final price after using the $10 Catalina for each one...but the good news is: you should get one back each time! Yeah for Jewel Catalina Deals!! Here's an idea for you: Do all the deals below and you will only spend $23.50 plus tax out of pocket!
SCENARIO #1 (my favorite!!)
3 - 32 oz. Dannon yogurt $2 each ($3.45 before preferred card)
3 - Wesson Oils ($2.50 ea.)
$3.50 (or $.50 if you find the blinkies!!)

4 Ketchups
6 Tomatoes
4 Puddings

4 Wesson $2.50 ea
1 Ketchup $1
1 Kids Cuisine $2

5 Wesson Oil $2.50 ea.

14 Hunt's Diced Tomatoes

13 Hunt's Ketchup

14 Puddings


  1. Help - I'm new to all this! I thought I had this figured out, but got the register and did not get the $10 catalina. Are you sure it is calculated before the preferred card savings?? Here is what I bought:
    (5) Hunts Ketchup (1.95 shelf)
    (2) Hunts snackpack puddings (1.90 shelf)
    (1) Wesson Oil (5.50 shelf)
    (1) Danimal drink (2.95 shelf)
    (1) Activia vanilla 24 oz (3.25 shelf)
    Total shelf $25.25. Any ideas of what I did wrong?? I returned all the above so I could get some advise and then try again ...

  2. A few things you may already be aware of but are worth mentioning:
    1)Take a few minutes to check the prices on the price checker in the store to see what they will ring up at without the preferred card. Prices may vary by store.
    2)IMPORTANT: Make sure the green light is lit on the catalina machine. You can see this if you are going through self-checkout.
    3)Sometimes the catalina machines are slower in the manned checkout lanes. Be sure to ask and wait for the catalina if you don't get it.
    4)Some stores are trickier than others!!

    I hope you have better success next time!

  3. So if the green light isn't on, I'm assuming that means the machine isn't on?? Hmm - I wonder if that was the problem. I usually get a ton of printouts, but didn't get any that day. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

  4. I have noticed at my Jewel it seems to run off the sale price and not the shelf price. For instance the Marie Calendar meals are shelf priced at $4.29, the sale price is $4.00, and the with preferred card price is 4 /$10.00. I always calculate from the sale price and never the shelf price and it always seems to work. I have also noticed that you can only do one catalina per a day at my Jewel. Hope this helps.