Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chicago Tribune for $1

If you are new to couponing and need to subscribe to the Chicago Tribune, go here and enter code x581 to have the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday papers delivered to your house for $1/week.


  1. Do the coupons come in the sunday paper if it is delivered?

  2. This is a limited time offer. 6 months. After that I would be surprised if you can renew it at this rate. Do you know for certain? The rate effectiveness says 26 weeks.

  3. Marie, I'm not positive that they will offer this same thing in 6 months, but I do know that quite frequently I've seen $1 specials like this. I'd take the 26 weeks and be on the lookout. When the 26 weeks are up, you can certainly cancel so you don't get charged the full rate.

    I plan to post codes when they're available. A while back, I even found a code for an identical delivery plan at $.50/week! That was even better, so I added a second subscription for another family member.