Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jewel's ConAgra Catalina Deal 4/23-4/29

It's time for another Catalina deal at Jewel! Spend $25 & save $10 on your next shopping trip. Remember how these catalina deals work: When it says spend $25, the catalina is triggered when the register gets to $25 (excluding tax) before scanning the preferred card. Below are the included products, and scroll all the way down to see scenarios, which I will update as I discover more amazing ones. Please add your great scenarios to the comment section so we can all benefit!

Pick up the May Issue of the All You magazine (found at Wal-Mart near the check-out stands for less than $2), and you'll have some great coupon matchups.

The coupons are listed here, but you will get a great deal even WITHOUT coupons!

$1 each
Hunt's Ketchup
- $1/2 coupon in May AllYou
Chef Boyaree Microwaveable bowl or canned pasta
- $1/4 coupon in May AllYou
Hunt's Manwich
Hunt's Diced Tomatos
Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding
- $1/3 coupon in May AllYou

$2 each
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
- $1/1 coupon in May AllYou
Kids Cuisine Meals

$2.50 each
Marie Callender's Complete Dinners or one dish classics
Healthy Choice Complete Dinners or Steamers
Pam Cooking Spray
- $1/1 coupon in May AllYou
Ready Wip
Egg Beaters

$3.50 each
Hebrew National Beef Franks

Orville Redenbachers Microwave Popcorn ($3.49 for two)
- $1/1 coupon in May AllYou (use 2 if you have them)
VanCamp's Pork and Beans ($1.19 for 2)

Scenarios (shelf prices in red; sale prices in black)
Scenario #1
1 Pam ($4.45) $2.50
2 Peanut Butters ($5.90) $4
9 Hunt's Tomatoes (9@$1.80 each=$16.20) $9

Shelf Total: $26.55
Preferred Total: $15.50

Use these coupons:
$1 Pam AllYou (or $.35 from 1/18 SS)
(2) $1 Peanut Butter AllYou
(4) $.40/2 Hunt's tomato product from 1/18 SS insert
Coupon savings: $4.60
Out of Pocket (OOP) total: $10.90
Receive (2) $5 Catalinas



  1. There are several coupons for some of these items if you register at ConAgra's site,

  2. If you had two of the peanut butter coupons, that would only be .90 cents. :) Great scenario!

  3. You are correct. I updated it. And thanks for the coupon info, Anonymous! :)

  4. Just curious--can you roll your catalinas into another con-agra deal? Has anyone out there done this?

  5. Yes, you can roll these catalinas. i did it last time they had this promo going on in November. I did it four times as a matter of fact.


  6. Do you think if you bought 2 popcorns it would count for just 3.49 because it's B1G1 or 6.98?

  7. TammiD, great question! Actually, only one popcorn would count towards the total because the other one rings up as $0.00.

  8. Wow that is amazing. I wish I had a Jewel's store close.

  9. With this deal could you also send in the receipt to get the $34 in coupons that was in the All You mag with the coupons you listted?

  10. Marcia, the $34 rebate would not work in this situation because the purchase dates need to be between 5/3 and 5/9.

  11. Thanks I just saw that myself after I had already asked. Still a great deal!!!! Thanks, This is the first time I've been to your site I love it, great job keep up the great work!

  12. Marcia, thank you for your encouraging words. I hope the deals will be a big help. If you're looking for Jewel deals, this is the place to be :)

  13. Thanks, I don't have a Jewel by me, but my sisters Do and if the deal is good I go and "visit" them!! Then the three of us have fun shopping!

  14. Do you have any of the shelf prices on the other items? I only have one copy of the All You mag plus I can print the coupons from their website, but I don't have any of the Hunts coupons from the paper. I'm just trying to come up with a scenario that only uses the IP and All You Qs.

  15. Great Question.

    here's a scenario for one issue of All You and an internet printable from

    1 Peanut Butter ($2.95 shelf; $2 sale). Use $1 Q
    1 Pam ($4.45 shelf; $2.50 sale). Use $1 Q
    2 Ketchup ($3.90 shelf for 2; $2 sale for 2). Use $1 Q
    1 Hebrew Beef Franks ($5 shelf; $3.50 sale) Use $1 Q
    5 more bottles of Ketchup ($9.75 shelf; $5 sale) or 5 cans of Hunt's tomatoes ($9 shelf; $5 sale)

    Pay $1 out of pocket after coupons and catalina

  16. Thank you! One more question, you mentioned the total calculated before Preferred Savings. It still works if you scan your Preferred card at the beginning of the transaction, right? We don't have to wait until they scan all the items to scan the card, right?

  17. You can scan it at the beginning or the end, and it will work. However, if it's your first time trying the deal at a particular store, I recommend you either check the prices at an in-store scanner first OR scan your preferred card last.

  18. hello thanks for the website but I was wondering where those coupons are in the May All You Magazine because I have May and dont see them
    Please let me know

  19. The coupon index of page 8 in the May All You issue indicates that these coupons are found only in newsstand copies. Isn't that a bummer? I have the subscription copy too and they are not there!

  20. Melissa,

    Have you done this deal yourself because I have been reading around on HCW and other boards and it seems it may not be programmed off shelf prices.


  21. Mercedes,

    I did it today, and it worked perfectly off shelf prices.

    Here's what I bought:
    10 Hunt's diced tomatoes (used 2 $.40/2 coupons)
    2 Hunt's ketchup
    1 Pam Spray (used 1 $.35 coupon)

    Shelf Price total: $26.35
    Sale Price: $14.50
    Minus Coupons of $1.15 (because I didn't feel like going to WM)
    $13.35 OOP (though I paid w/ a $10 cat)
    Received 2 $5 cats

    GRAND TOTAL: $3.35 after coupons and CATs.

  22. I looked in my AllYou and it says I can get the $34 savings booklet with purchases made between April 7 and May 22 so this would work for that.

  23. Great! Is that in a newsstand copy because I don't see it in the subscription copy.

  24. Yes, the newstand copy says April 7-22 so I will be sending my receipt for that. I ended up getting to use some of the Qs from my sisters newstand All You, so I was able to get more selection of products for my $25 than if I only had my one copy. I figured out part of the problem where people end up just short of the $25 mark, which I did though I tried so hard to do it right. Instead of $1.99, the Hunts rang up 10/$19.50 so $1.95. Other products did the same, rang up like 3c or 9c less than the shelf price so my calculator told me it would be just over $25, but it was under by 11c. Customer service helped me out so I got it worked right and got my $10 catalinas.

    For under $2, using 2 All You newstand copies, I got:
    4 hunts ketchup (used two $1 Qs)
    6 Hunts puddings (used two $1 Qs)
    4 Orville Redenbacher (used two $1 Qs)
    2 Peter Pan (used two $1 Qs)(literally the last two on the shelf, way in the back of the brand next to it with the label turned around so no one else knew to grab it except desperate me)

  25. Another piece of advice, if you can use the self-check, it will help you see the subtotal before tax, before you scan your card and coupons just to make sure you have $25. Grab an extra can of tomatoes or ketchup or whatever if you have to throw it on. Otherwise, just make sure the shelf prices add up to at least 50c-$1 more than $25 to be on the safe side.

  26. Tina,

    Thanks for sharing! Great job! You're right about being on the safe side when it comes to $25. It's really important to make sure the total BEFORE tax is $25. I usually put it at least $1 over just to be safe :)

    And if the self-checkouts aren't available, you can still go through the regular lane and ask the cashier to scan your card last. I really like the Jewel I shop at, but I've found that they just started to have the overseer of the self-checkout lanes examine all the coupons. This can sometimes slow things down.

  27. Thanks Melissa for the tips. I found your site on Commonsensewithmoney. I was able to take advantage of the promotion today, I had two transactions:

    (2) Marie Cal Meal (12.5oz) $8
    (2) Marie Cal Pot Pie $5.78*
    (2) PP Peanut Butter $5.90
    (2) Hunts Ketchup $3.90

    Total: $23.58
    Preferred Savings: $7.60
    Coupons: $5
    Total: 12.09
    * Was going by the picture in the ad for the Marie Calendars, and picked up 2 pot pies. The pot pies were not included in the promotion. Ad specifically states 12oz+. Didn't notice my total was under $23, or I would have caught this (had the kids with me running around). I was able to get a $10 refund from the service desk b/c of the misrepresented picture in the ad.

    (8) Chef Boyardee $8
    (4) Hunts Pudding $7.60*
    (2) Hebrew Franks $10
    Total $25.60
    Preferred Sav $6.60
    Coupons $5
    Total 14.33
    Received (2) $5 OYNO coupons

    *For the deal, I only needed 3 puddings, somehow I ended up with 4 (the kids!).

    I allowed the cashier to scan my card after each purchase. But I don't think this was necessary, but wanted to take your advise since I had never done the promotions before.

    Thanks again!

  28. The pot pie was working,you just need to make sure to grab the bigger ones. I think they are like 16.5oz.


  29. Ok, I had the smaller ones, 11oz I believe.

  30. Awesome deal! Just discovered your site last week. Thanks for the help on this :)

  31. You're welcome, Laurie! I love these Jewel catalina promotions!

  32. How do I find a list of items included in the catalina deal?


  33. Marie, Try this link: